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How much is that ADSL in the window?

The launch of Wires-only DSL and it's self install component are intended to reduce the cost of ADSL to the end-user. The concern of a lot of people is that by the time you've purchased the modem and micro-filters that it will work out more expensive, so we thought we'd run through a few example figures now that ISP's are starting to release pricing. The table below shows four packages with prices for first 12 months and the second 12 months, in all cases it is the 512kbps, 50:1 contention product.

All prices include VAT
Package 1st Year 2nd Year
Existing USB ADSL £630 £480
USB Modem Wires-only £618 £423
PCI Modem Wires-only £555 £423
Ethernet Modem Wires-only £636 £423

The best priced option above shows a saving of £132 over 2 years, and even going for an ethernet modem only costs £6 more in the first year, and gives a £57 saving in the second year.We hope to be able to do this price comparison again in 6 months and we can see how the overall pricing has changed.

The exact packages comprised of the following:

Existing USB Package
Install of £150 and monthly charge of £39.99, with a Speedtouch USB ADSL modem.
All Wires-Only Versions
Activation of £58.75 and monthly charge of £35.25.
USB Modem Wires-Only
Speedtouch USB modem and two micro-filter package at £136 including P&P from An ideal solution if you dont want to open your computers case and unsure of configuring network hardware.
PCI Modem Wires-Only
PCI Internal Modem £55 inc P&P from Plus two micro filters from at £6.99 each, allowed £2 for P&P. Perfect for users with a single PC they want to connect to ADSL and are happy installing PCI cards.
Ethernet Modem Wires-Only
Asus 6000EV £138 from with £16 for micro-filters from the same source. Ideal for users wanting to share the connection cheaply with 3 or 4 computers.


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