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Live in West Sussex, register interest in Better Broadband

It seems like there is a never ending cycle of surveys to get broadband into areas, but as councils attempt to target spending and define roll-out schedules knowing which part of a local authority area has the most interest is crucial. Also having some idea of what price people will pay will help to inform potential bidders, particularly as there is potential to use varying technologies across a county to deliver superfast broadband.

West Sussex County Council has made its survey available online, or a paper form can be requested over the phone (01243 642119) or by post, and also at the West Sussex Library. Registration does not commit you to purchasing any service, but is needed so the council can gauge demand across the various areas of West Sussex. If you know someone who is not able get online and wants to be, then do give them the details to request the form or even better download and print out the available PDF document for them.

Posters are available for download, along with the registration form, so you people wanting to ensure their part of West Sussex is seen as keen to get better broadband or broadband at all can run their own mini-campaign.


Survey has been filled in...

  • MrTAToad2
  • over 9 years ago

Filled in.

Fund Kijoma!

  • otester
  • over 9 years ago

Time to revive this one to encourage more people to sign up.

I did so months ago, but I somehow think our chances of getting any action in one of the richest rural parts of the UK are very slim. Not enough money in it for BT, the only option going for most people.

I can't see this government leaning on the industry. Local issues have to be pushed down for local decisions, unless, of course, like the planning laws that have to be cast aside, they make money for Cameron's friends in banking.

  • michaelkenward
  • over 8 years ago

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