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Sky and Zeebox in investment deal

Sky already has a number of applications for devices like the PC, iPhone and iPad that allow you to control or view Sky shows, but in a deal worth around $15m with Zeebox the firm is now going to add social media integration to these apps.

There was a time when the advert break was a chance to go and put the kettle on, to the extent the national grid would monitor TV shows to ensure the National Grid could cope with demand. Now advert breaks are a chance to catchup on email, twitter, Facebook and other internet activities.

The news that Sky is looking to integrate Zeebox with its Facebook social networking, TV schedule and enhanced meta searching for TV shows indicates that Sky is trying to make sure it does not lose out if advertising during shows drops in revenue. Perhaps even increase revenue as they will be able to learn more about user preferences, such as which shows are popular both in terms of numbers and demographics of users.

With more and more people watching TV via catch-up either online or via a PVR, making live TV more interactive, and avoiding people skipping the advert breaks, is something broadcasters will be very keen to do.


everything got to be social network these days, no doubt it will be with online shopping the way it is going,oh i see Mr and Mrs smith have just got some Value coffee from tescos, they should have gone for something a bit better.

do anyone really care if what other people are listening to or watching? It is just yet more ways to get people doing the advertising for free.

  • zyborg47
  • over 9 years ago

I am not a member of any social networking and have no plans to, I just cannot see the point.

I see that certain companys and Sky is one of them that would rather update their facebook page than their own websites.

  • undecidedadrian
  • over 9 years ago

Much rather SKY invest into FTTC or at least get into bed with BT and invert there, then we all can be more social during the adbreaks at a faster speed. Currently next door on BT Infinity get 34Mb, Me I get 4Mb on SKY ADSL +2.

  • Pigmaster
  • over 9 years ago

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