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Nildram Continues Special Offer on Installation Costs

Nildram have announced that they are to continue to the half-price £75+VAT install offer for their USB ADSL product range, with MoveDSL having a free installation still.

Nildram are doing this by subsidising the cost of the installation to the tune of £75 on the standard product, and £60 on the MoveDSL product. The offer will apply to all USB500 orders made before the end of March 2002. USB500 costs £42.50+VAT per month and MoveDSL is £45+VAT per month, with MoveDSL the £75 install fee is esssentially paid off at a rate of £2.50 per month.

The move is most welcome and suggests that 2002 is going to be very interesting, as in 11 days Wires-only products are set to officially launch with the ability for ISP's to vary contract terms and pricing on that range.

Nildram is currently awaiting the activation of a new 155Mbps gateway into their network from the BTwholesale DSL network and news from Nildram today suggests this will hopefully go live in just under 2 weeks.


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