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TalkTalk don't have safest broadband according to ASA

The ASA have ruled that TalkTalk's claims that they have the safest broadband are misleading following some ads the company ran on television, in the national press and on posters. BT and two members of the public complained about the ads stating that the claim "UK's safest broadband" were misleading.

TalkTalk backed up their claim by detailing that their 'HomeSafe' feature, includes network level security which doesn't rely on software being installed on computers which most other broadband providers offer. In those instances, the software is usually only available for Windows computers so Apple Mac computers, games consoles and smart phones wouldn't be protected as they are through the TalkTalk system.

The ASA in upholding the complaints noted that customers could consider safety as referring to various features, including virus protection, or hacking protection, but HomeSafe only offered a basic range of security options. TalkTalk were not able to substantiate that customers would enjoy the safest online experience. TalkTalk have been told that the ads used must not appear in their current form, and that the basis for comparison of claims was made clear in the future.


The basis of claims . . . made clear in the future.

That'll be ignored by everybody, then.

  • mervl
  • over 9 years ago

talk talk thats all it is talk no action

  • gmoore1207
  • over 9 years ago

My Dad had the safest broadband connection with Talk Talk back in 2010.

Having signed upto them they came to unbundle the exchange, in the process he lost his phone line for 6 weeks, hence no Broadband.

Cant get much safer than that, needless to say he is no longer with Talk Talk, had them for breach of contract - failing to supply the service.

  • bigluap
  • over 9 years ago

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