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Update on Connecting North Yorkshire

Connecting North Yorkshire has issued a project update, partly it seems in response to the recent criticism over the pace of BDUK pilots and projects.

The project does confirm that no connections have been made as part of the BDUK funding, but the procurement process is underway, and should complete in June 2012. Alas this does mean that no firm information can be given on what sort of service will be available, or where it will be available until the final winner of the bidding process has been announced.

The BDUK part of the project is going to concentrate on the market towns in North Yorkshire with the aim that these will ensure a hub a very good connectivity is available across the region. To avoid the last 10% of the region having to wait, when in theory it is easy to identify them, Connecting North Yorkshire has raised around £1m to stimulate and introduce community broadband solutions.

This community led approach has apparently led to ten schemes already, the first seven been Newton & Stape and Farndale, followed by Vale of Mowbray, Bradleys Both, Barlby, Nun Monkton and Robin Hoods Bay and the next three new ones are in Rosedale, Marton cum Grafton & Great Ouseburn and Darley to Appletreewick. While there is some money available, where possible they are trying to get joint community/commercially funded schemes to underway with accessing this £1m to avoid bleeding the small pot of money dry too quickly. The original aim was for fourteen community schemes to be up and running for Summer 2012, but it seems the small providers are not able to meet that sort of demand in that timeframe. Remember that these projects are outside the BDUK framework, and thus can proceed with much faster timelines.

Where needs have not already being identified a mapping project is underway, and a series of mini competitions will be held in the summer of 2012 to decide who will build the networks required.


Living in a market town in North Yorkshire (on a Market 1 exchange) I've been closely following developments for over a year now. While the procurement process continues to drag on into 2012 at least there should only be about another 6 months to wait until we find out who the winning bidder is, what they intend to deliver and the timetable for deployment. Ironically if BT get the contract then we may known their plans for rural North Yorkshire before some urban areas that are due to be covered by their commercial deployment.

  • desouzr
  • over 9 years ago

According to NYCC the contractor will decide the rollout. Why should we register though as they are being paid to connect us all. This registration of interest movement just raises expectations. With tendering in June, we'll be lucky to see a rollout plan in 2012.

  • rjohnloader
  • over 9 years ago

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