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Openreach rolling out improved testing for High Resistance faults

High Resistance (HR) faults have been a bug bear of DSL based broadband for many years, and it appears that it may be easier to identify these faults, rather than the usual pattern of several engineer visits and the worry the consumer gets about a charged being raised by Openreach.

Openreach concluded a Copper Integrated Demand Testing (CIDT) trial in August, working with four providers at 119 exchanges. The results of the trial was a 96% identification rate for High Resistance faults, and the integration of the High Resistance testing into the Line Test OK diagnostic.

High Resistance faults are the result usually of joint which works well enough for voice frequencies, but performs marginally for DSL traffic, but appears to clear itself for some time after a higher current is sent down the wire, which helps to bridge a gap, displace moisture etc. For the end-user this means that the DSL service will improve after the phone rings.

The full roll-out of the testing systems is expected to be complete by the end of June 2012, and should result in less people complaining that their broadband support says their is no problem with the line as the line test reports a good line, when the user can clearly see a problem. A steady trickle of posters arrive on our forums looking for advice in this area, and the answer if the symptoms fit the pattern of a High Resistance fault has been to direct them back to their broadband support, highlighting that a High Resistance fault (frequently shortened to HR fault by Openreach) exists on the line.


Marvellous. One hundred and seventy years after Mr Wheatstone pioneered his telegraphy-diagnostics Bridge, ten years after Pipex pioneered UK mass market DSL broadband, five or more years since EvoTAM and LLUTAM started being talked about, BT and their suppliers finally get around to something like mass market DSL diagnostics.

Well done!

But will it have any impact on OR's recruitment plans?

  • c_j_
  • over 8 years ago

"Copper"? What about aluminium rubbish they ise around here?

  • rjohnloader
  • over 8 years ago

Is this test accessed via the line test via report a fault or via ISP or BT? I have had years of HR problems and with the rain it’s bad again now ( BB going down with phone use and every loud crackle) but the test via report a fault still says no problem! After having been charged for 3 call outs (months latter getting them refunded)I am another one who doesn’t risk just calling them out.

  • John7
  • over 8 years ago

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