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Freeserve breaks the £30 retail DSL price barrier

Freeserve have just announced a trial of the Wires-only Home 500 product which is not unusual, what is unusual is the price £29.99 (inc VAT) per month.

Registration for the trial must be completed by 8th January 2002, with the trial ending on 31st January 2002, you are able to cancel the trial until 31st January 2002 with no obligations, if you remain using the service then you enter in a 12 month contract with Freeserve. The 12 month contract is the reason it's so cheap, i.e. they want to build their user base and are willing to do it at minimal profit.

The service activation charge of £99 includes a USB modem, which makes the total cost for the first years ADSL £459, as oppossed to Freeserve's current pricing of £615. The Terms and Conditions are available here (the T&C's appear to have moved Friday 21st Dec) with a keep me informed option here.

The challenge is now for other ISP's to see how they can produce products that differentiate themselves in terms of price and options.


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