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Birmingham City puts out tender for city-wide wireless network

Internet everywhere appears to be the goal of Birmingham City Council, with a tender worth £100m to £125m appearing on the EU Tenders Electronic Daily website. expands a little on the coldness of the tender document, indicating that this project is an attempt to deliver and develop an innovative commercial model for wireless that will offer to all citizens speeds that exceed current 3G services.

Other than giving residents who already have access to superfast broadband from the likes of Virgin Media cable services, and FTTC on the Openreach Birmingham Northern exchange, a big aim of the project is to tackle digital exclusion. Thus we presume that access to some basic utility services, e.g. Birmingham City Council websites would be free over the network.

The population of the city is around the million mark, so this represents almost the sort of money that other parts of the UK are investing in fixed line broadband solutions. Though when you consider as part of a larger plan the Big City Plan it makes more sense, i.e. it potentially could see public spaces and business visitors benefiting.

The last place to attempt a similar project was Swindon, and this did not turn out as originally envisaged, with the firm behind the project going bust.


whilst rural gets FTTx, city gets wireless, crazy stuff.

  • chrysalis
  • over 9 years ago

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