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Andrews & Arnold drop IPStream and go wires-only

Andrews & Arnold has announced that they will be dropping the IPStream packages in favour of the wires-only equivalents due to be launched on January 15, 2002. In response to BT wholesale's announcement of a shorter 1 month minimum contract term with a 30 days notice period for the wires-only service, A&A has been the first to inform us they they will pass this benefit to the end user. Installation for this package rises to £100 to cover the installation costs for A&A.

We will no doubt see other ISPs following this lead and welcome this move by BT which lowers the cost of mistaken choice and forces ISPs to provide a good service to retain customers. This will also lower the entry barrier for getting ADSL which can only be positive. [seb]

Update (20/12/01) seb: C2 Internet have followed this lead announcing a reduction in contract terms to 3 months (+1 months notice).


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