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Cross Country Trains to install WiFi in 2012

Cross Country Trains has selected NOMAD to add WiFi to its trains in 2012. The service is initially going to be available on five High Speed Trains in the Spring, with a further roll-out to the operators larger fleet of 57 Voyager trains during the course of 2012.

"CrossCountry customers will soon be able to enjoy the benefits of online connectivity when on our trains. The ability for our business and leisure customers to send and receive emails and browse the internet while on the move will further strengthen rail’s competitive advantage over using a car."

CrossCountry’s managing director, Andy Cooper

Trials of various WiFi services took place on the operators trains in 2011. For NOMAD latest success builds on the contract it won in September to provide WiFi Connectivity and Infotainment on Eurostar, which once live will see internet access available at all times during the journey.


I wonder if it will be free or charged for?

  • David-Park
  • over 8 years ago

Cross Country PR states"......will see internet access available at all times during the journey"

Err, what about the three tunnels over a 10 mile stretch of the line between Winchester and Basingstoke? Or are they into leaky feeders in the tunnels?

  • Gethryn
  • over 8 years ago

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