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New contracts on fast Virgin Media services get six months Spotify Premium

If you were looking for a broadband provider and are in an area where Virgin Media offers its fibre/coax hybrid network and into music, then Virgin Media has a six month sweetener for you. This is in the form of a free six month subscription to Spotify Premium, though you must take out a subscription to the 30 Mbps or faster products on 12 month contract. Existing customers are not totally forgotten, you need to upgrade or commit to a new 12 month contract on a qualifying product to benefit.

"The launch of Spotify on Virgin Media marks a significant milestone for digital entertainment and the way it is enjoyed by consumers. Great digital services are no longer just about fast broadband or the latest TV technology, but increasingly about how people use their services to power and excite their daily lives. Bringing together Virgin Media services with brilliant entertainment such as Spotify is a core part of our ongoing strategy and we're excited to be able to lead the way with such a great partnership."

Cindy Rose, executive director of digital entertainment at Virgin Media

Virgin Media via its quad-play which includes mobile broadband is offering those who take a new pay monthly Virgin Mobile contract a free three month subscription to Spotify Premium and crucially any data usage by the Spotify service will not count towards any data allowance on the mobile contract (Important data charges apply when roaming outside the UK). For Virgin Media users already subscribing to Spotify, you can redeem the offer and get three or six months of subscription service respectively. The Virgin Media: TiVo service will also gain a Spotify app that was jointly developed by Virgin Media and easeltv.

The restriction to a 12 month contract, rules out many student households who take advantage of the 9 month contract option Virgin Media offer. Spotify subscriptions normally cost £9.99 a month, so the offer amounts to a £30 to £60 saving. The integration of a music subscription service into broadband services is something long overdue, the key to the success will be how many subscribers continue to pay beyond the free offer period.

Given the current copyright infringement environment, it is appears to us that the large providers are all going to try and reach content agreements, where subscribers get free or special offers like this to ensure that people are aware that low cost subscriptions are available. We hope that copyright holders will start to see the internet as a valid distribution system for content, and not simply another chance to re-sell old material at a premium price, but one that can provide digital content for a very low cost to the distributor and the consumer. The price people pay for online content will often be a lot lower than people are willing to pay on the high street, and people wonder why a film on DVD can be bought in a store for £3, but a rental of the same film online will cost even more.


they would add the offer 20 days after i sign up again wouldn't they lol

  • acpsd775
  • over 9 years ago

Hi i am on the 10mg it does all that we want, but to streem video say fromm lovfilm might be a problem. 30 mg would be nice but as we all no offres are for new customers only.V M dont like most look after what they got? so lets have more for us or we may all walk to B T.

  • bikerrob48
  • over 9 years ago

10Meg is more than enough for LoveFilm, which runs at 1 to 1.5Meg. If VM 10Meg is not up to streaming that speed of content then suggests you are in an area with high contention.

NOTE: Existing 30Meg and faster customers can get the offer if they agree to a new 12 month contract.

Virgin is doing what other companies do, promote their premium products, rather than the basic/value line.

  • andrew
  • thinkbroadband staff
  • over 9 years ago

6months of streaming music? They want to curb "piracy" with this hahaha. Virgin media could do much much better, but nope. I'd be surprised if this actually reduced it after the 6months.

  • Firefalcon
  • over 9 years ago

@Firefalcon. Virgin tried to do much much better about 3 years ago, but got blocked because the lables didn't want to play nice

  • uklad77
  • over 9 years ago

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