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BTwholesale comes bearing gifts...

BTwholesale appear to have kept a nice Christmas present under their hats until now - it appears that the new wires-only services i.e. IPStream Office and Home will still have a minimum term to the contract, but if an ISP requests a cease prior to the minimum term ending then the penalty will be just one months rental, e.g. £25 on Home 500. The big surprise is the length of the minimum term ONE month on both the Office and Home products. This only applies to the self-install product range, the USB and Ethernet products we know and love will continue on as they are.

This information comes about because BT must publicly notify Oftel of any price or service conditions and they have done just that this morning the information is on BT's Electronic Price List. Remember that the customer of Wholesale is the ISP's and we the users are referred to as End-Users.

The other news is that the live date for the Office and Home services is 15th January 2002, ie. as predicted. Have enquired about clarification of the one months notice situation.

One must though bring to peoples attention that this short notice period only applies between BT and the ISP, we will now have to see how the ISP's interpret it for the end-user and ISP relationship, e.g. ISP's may not be keen to allow users to swap ISP's before a certain minimum term is completed, but may be happy enough if you are moving but keeping a DSL connection with them.


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