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BE Wholesale launch SDSL at over 1300 exchanges

A symmetric service that offers up to 2.5 Mbps for both upload and downloads does not seem that exciting, but to businesses looking to boost their upload speeds, for pushing content to data centres, supporting more VoIP lines or larger numbers of remote workers it will be important.

BE Wholesale has launched its BE Business SDSL-M service at the 1300 exchanges the firm already offers its ADSL2+ services from. Two variants are available, an ADSL2+ style with higher download speeds, or one of two symmetric options with speeds of 1.3Mbps and 2.5Mbps. The service also includes low levels of contention across the BE network and unlimited usage, along with 1, 4 or 16 static IP address options. Crucially for business use the products come with Enhanced Support and a 6 hour fix SLA agreement.

Obviously while the service is not offering the high upstream speeds that fibre-to-the-cabinet (FTTC) can offer, the availability and support of an SLA will make it of more interest to businesses, where reliability can outweigh the desire for raw speed.


They have had it on there site for ages

but they just launched it ?

  • epyon
  • over 9 years ago

I don't understand all the PR on this. All Telefonica wholesalers, including BE Wholesale have had this in the product set for ages. It is about 12 months old to us roughly..

  • PeteK
  • over 9 years ago

Well unless they have some other secret network for this wholsale product they maywell find themselves in the doggy doo doo,As far as their SLA bit goes, currently most of be's customers are being affected by packetloss,which is possibly congestion,how are they going to solve that within 6hrs?,lol (low contention i would ask that they define it as Easynet do ie, 20:1 10:1 5:1, ratio)

  • tommy45
  • over 9 years ago

The wholesale network is logically segregated from the retail ones, and I can assure you there is no packet loss across what I am only prepared to describe as a "substantial" number of tails..

  • PeteK
  • over 9 years ago

Yes, BE Wholesale is a different network and can be the resellers / wholesalers own

For example, AAISP Be users are not seeing the issues we are as far as I'm aware

  • nredwood
  • over 9 years ago

Bye to _be_ from me - funny how tests went 'up-to' 13.5meg d/l in the last week - Was better than the default 10meg I'd had, even w/sync of 18meg+. Of course.
Sync was -17.5meg and speed went upto.. soz, down-to 0.6meg. WOW!...
My sync status went from an 'A' to a 'B-'. Felt like a 'D' speedwise sumtimes.
Used to be 21.[summat?] at the start. Real pity I tried their _bonding_.
Pity. Were v. good. :-(

  • Guest_Again
  • over 9 years ago

Years late, EFM / FTTC leave this solution behind.

  • Dixinormous
  • over 9 years ago

All I want is 10mbit up so I can stream HD video from home :)

  • Oddball
  • over 9 years ago

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