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BTOpenwoe isnt sure if it's wow or woe

BTopenwoe a website dedicated to ups and downs of the BTopenworld broadband experience have an interesting news story about the improvements from the Home Gateway upgrades, you can read the full item here.

Iain from Openwoe says that he has seen his HomeGateway (HG15) go from useless to more like a proper broadband experience, though still has concerns that there are problems further on in the BTOpenworld network and the BTnet peering system. So as users on our forums are finding the gateway upgrades improve things, but not totally, in some cases it's just moving the bottleneck elsewhere.

The area that is perhaps the biggest concern and has been tracked by various users (mainly Mokey) is the that the BTnet routers that BTopenworld use are very variable in their performance, with the bad times appearing almost as if someone has thrown a good/bad connection switch.

With the advent of wires-only which should be given the go/no go for a 'live' service shortly, BTopenworld is not the leader in low cost ADSL access anymore - Eclipse with a 'no frills' package undercut them by £1/month, other ISP's have closed down the gap too.


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