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Caffè Nero open up coffee shops to free Wi-Fi from The Cloud

Caffè Nero customers will be able to gain free wireless Internet access from September 2011 thanks to a partnership the company have formed with The Cloud. The Caffè Nero stores will add 450 outlets offering free wireless Internet access to The Cloud's portfolio, and follows a similar deal with Pizza Express.

"Our customers expect a premium espresso-based coffee experience at Caffè Nero and the Wi-Fi experience they receive should match this level of quality. Having a strong, fast and reliable internet connection is important to our customers and helps integrate Caffè Nero into the local community as a neighbourhood gathering spot. We chose The Cloud because we wanted a partner that is dedicated to understanding Wi-Fi, with a set service level agreement in place to ensure we receive the very best service."

Shane Moates, (Head of Business Development) Caffè Nero

The addition of free Wi-Fi may be enough to sway customers away from other coffee shops and into Caffè Nero. The Cloud have over 5,000 wireless hot-spots now, and with the more they add, the more customers they are going to temp to the network. Earlier this year, BSkyB purchased The Cloud, and the company are expected to integrate the Wi-Fi service into their Sky product offerings from next year. This may well include free Wi-Fi access to Sky customers in a similar way that BT offer customers free Openzone access.


Cloud sucks, if hooked into Sky's LLU this could change though.

3G is still superior.

  • otester
  • over 9 years ago

Now owned by Murdoch - nuff said

  • brucie245
  • over 9 years ago

Think what you like about Murdoch - 8m+ subscribers in the UK alone, and most of them satisfied presents a very convincing business model!

  • Rjmeado
  • over 9 years ago

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