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Everything Everywhere changes do not help them retain broadband customers

Orange Broadband was the first major provider to start showing a dip in customer numbers back in 2009, and this has continued even now as they are operating jointly with T-Mobile as Everything Everywhere.

The Q2 2011 figures reveal the firm has some 716,000 home broadband users, down from 770,000 at the end of December 2010 and a figure of 896,000 in 2009. Orange is one of the few providers to still publish dial-up customer numbers, currently 22,000 customers, half the figure they had twelve months ago.

The continuing loss of customers seems at odds with an Ofcom report naming Orange as the number one home broadband provider for customer service satisfaction. Ironically this may be because if a customer is unhappy, Orange has been happy for them to leave, rather than trying strong arm tactics to retain an unhappy customer. It is feasible the recent change from fixed usage limits on the service to offering unlimited downloads (with traffic management) may help to retain customers. Currently Orange are offering unlimited broadband usage with UK evening and weekend landline calls for £7.50 (plus £11.50 telephone line rental), non-Orange customers pay a £5 a month supplement, a further £10 supplement is charged for some parts of the UK.

One factor that has caused some debate on our forums is the switch of users from the Orange LLU network to the BT Wholesale broadband platform. Some users are seeing better performance, and others worse - a lot seems to depend on how the BT Wholesale DLM (Dynamic Line Management) systems profile the line.


Dial-Up customer numbers with Orange are misleading. Users can register one of these solely to acquire a POP3'able email account, without ever having to connect over it. As I have done for other members of my family to have their own separate email addresses, whilst connecting over my Broadband connection.

  • XRaySpeX
  • over 9 years ago

Depends what they report. If active accounts making a dialup connection or just allocated usernames.

  • herdwick
  • over 9 years ago

I had Orange LLU and it was terrible. Broadband going down 2-3 times a day. Now on BT wholesale and it is excellent - no loss od BB since and still getting approx 6mbs.
Why was Orange LLU so terrible????

  • koolkenty
  • over 9 years ago

As of a few days ago Orange seemed to commence their 'traffic management' by severely cutting P2P speeds in the evenings (down to 50K/sec). Not good for anyone, especially those of us who already had unlimited broadband!

  • iambasil
  • over 9 years ago

It's the opposite to koolkentys experience for me, I had LLU and was getting a steady 5.6 mbs download 506 upload. Since changing to the BT Wholesale the most I get is 4.3 mbs but sometimes especially in the evening it goes down below 1 mbs and the upload is steady at 376 kbs which takes an age if you are sending someone a photo.
Loathe to change provider though as I'm on the old Orange Max so have free second line phone calls to all UK landlines, 30 foreign countries (don't use that much) and Orange mobiles which is great as my daughter lives away and is on Orange.

  • stinky84
  • over 9 years ago

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