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North and North East Lincolnshire aiming for 100% 30Mbps coverage

It would seem that we can expect lots more announcements from councils around the UK as they put together partnerships and bids to obtain funding from BDUK for super-fast broadband roll-out. North Lincolnshire Council and North East Lincolnshire Councilwas spotted by ISPreview.

The joint bid appears to be aiming for a 30Mbps speed available to 100% of customers, with EU funding and extra funding from BDUK. The technology mix is expected to include fibre-to-the-cabinet (FTTC), fibre-to-the-premises (FTTP) and wireless to cover the area, and a 30Mbps target excludes the use of even satellite broadband services for the more remote locations.

The plan is to be submitted to the BDUK by October 2011, so for areas like Bourne it does not promise an immediate answer but gives some hope. One danger as councils announce intentions to seek EU and BDUK funding is that commercial operators may step back from putting super-fast broadband into the more economically marginal areas, if they believe they have a good possibility of securing the contract for any area.


Interesting to read, as most of Grimsby, Cleethorpes and Scunthorpe are already on VM Cable?
I'm not and after my exchange went to ADSL+2 I'm getting a solid 15Meg connection and just under 1Meg up.

Comment from me is the title is misleading as it should state Northern Linconlnshire as we are separate counties from Lincolnhire?

  • chefbyte
  • over 9 years ago

Have edited title to avoid geography confusion.

  • andrew
  • thinkbroadband staff
  • over 9 years ago

Needs fixing still, gives the impression that Bourne is in N/NE Lincs and it's a long way from being in either :)

  • KarlAustin
  • over 9 years ago

Bourne sits just a few miles from the Lincs border with Cambs and Rutland. South Kesteven is the council, so as Karl says it's nothing to do with N or NE Lincs council.

  • krol
  • over 9 years ago

I live in rural North Lincolnshire. I doubt if even a Richter scale 7.5 earthquake here would affect Bourne, let alone fast broadband installation!
Bourne is about 60 miles from us.....

  • madreddog
  • over 9 years ago

....Chefbyte, you seem to be missing the point. The whole idea of asking for EU & BDUK funding is that they have different priorities to BT, with more emphasis on rural locations. Too many people with perfectly adequate connections, such as your 15Mb, are making too much noise so the people who are affected, such as me with only 1.5Mb on a good day (when it stays on!), can't make ourselves heard above the racket.
Please...just sit down & shut up so those of us who it does concern can make our voices heard!

  • madreddog
  • over 9 years ago

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