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15,000 homes in Hull and East Yorkshire to get fibre broadband

Another sign that fibre broadband deployments are moving beyond talk comes from yesterday's Kingston Communications (KC) analyst presentation that gives basic details of its plan for a mixed fibre roll-out in the KC areas of Hull & East Yorkshire, initially to some 15,000 homes.

According to the analysis the rollout plans are based on, ADSL and ADSL2+ technologies will not be able to meet the bandwidth growth demands expected by 2015. As a comparison, between 2007 and 2010, Virgin Media saw peak-time bandwidth grow by nearly 300% and global Internet traffic grew by 37% in 2010 alone. In the last three years, KC's own traffic has grown by 200%.

This deployment is described as using mixed fibre solutions—It may be referring to trialling a variety of FTTH and FTTP topologies. The initial deployment is expected to take 18 months with more details being announced in November. Crucially, any further investment in fibre broadband will be dependent on favourable results during the initial deployment. KC currently serves some 90,000 broadband customers with ADSL2+ in its market areas.

The Hull and East Yorkshire is not solely relient on KC for next generation services with NextGenUs and MS3 Communications both operating in the area according to the Hull Daily Mail. MS3 Communications are looking at an initial reach of 12,000 homes in the Hull area, with plans to extend up to 25,000 homes, and NextGenUs is looking to launch two pilot schemes in high-density population areas.


It moves beyond talk when fibre is terminating in people's homes and transmitting date ! This is more talk.

  • herdwick
  • over 9 years ago

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