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£57m of investment to boost broadband speeds in Wales

Wales will see £56.9m of funding for next-generation broadband from the government's £530m fund which is to be distributed through BDUK. The Welsh government will make the decision on how the money is used within the country to support broadband projects through the country. The government have also encouraged the Welsh Government to offer matched funding and it believes that with this, it could achieved 90% of the country with access to next-generation broadband.

"Superfast broadband is essential if businesses are to grow and create new jobs. It is increasingly important for the way we deliver public services and to our everyday lives.

But some areas of the UK are being left behind. Many rural and hard-to-reach communities do not have decent broadband access. We must ensure the whole country can join the digital age.

We are investing £56.9 million to help take broadband to the whole of Wales. If the Welsh Government matches our investment, 90 per cent of the country's homes and businesses will have access to superfast broadband.

If you suffer the frustration of slow internet connections, then tell your Welsh Assembly Member that you need broadband. Urge them to make this investment and ensure that Wales is not left behind."

Jeremy Hunt, Secretary of State for Culture, Olympics, Media and Sport

Rural wales has long suffered from poor broadband connectivity, with many telephone lines being further from the local telephone exchange than conventional broadband services can support. Twelve of the twenty-two council areas within Wales have the worst broadband provision in the UK. The Country Land and Business Association (CLA) has recognised that investment into broadband in rural areas is vitally important to keeping businesses competitive. It warns that the digital divide may get worse if rural areas cannot gain access to social media due to poor broadband provision.

"If rural areas cannot connect because there is no broadband, they are unable to benefit from new technologies such as Twitter and Facebook. The divide will widen, leading to uncompetitive rural businesses and socially-excluded rural communities. The countryside sees the enormous advantages of social media but is frustrated that it cannot play a part."

William Worsley, CLA President


"new technologies such as Twitter and Facebook"


not enough reason to blow 56 mil.

  • epyon
  • over 9 years ago

Hopefully the Welsh Assembly will not waste the money on telling people about it, which is their favorite thing to do.

  • Qosdev
  • over 9 years ago

Let's see how long it takes for someone to mention BT getting it's hands on that cash and how it'd be *so* bad for the welsh economy.

  • russianmonkey
  • over 9 years ago

This article is very selective on what has been proposed and avoids numbers and dates and concentrates on the pounds (Did you lose your Job last Sunday!)
The Welsh Assembly Government envisages the deployment of 30Mbp+ capable services to 100% of the country's businesses by the middle of 2016 and households by 2020.

  • NilSatisOptimum
  • over 9 years ago

Welsh Government's latest aim is for everyone in Wales to access NGA by 2015 £10m already earmarked for Pwllheli and surrounding areas of N Wales. It seems that only 90% may be achievable with matched funding from WG - remaining 10% to miss out?

  • Enrico21
  • over 9 years ago

The article referes to funding provided for Wales by Westmister. It is down to the assembly to decide how to spend it and come up with timescales.

On past track record I would not hold you breath. Their track record is very poor.

Lots of talking but little action

  • Bob_s2
  • over 9 years ago

Yeah, let's get fibre to Pwllheli, where all the oiks and toffs have their holiday homes and park their yachts.

In the meantime, exchanges with 10K+ lines in North Wales are still on AdslMAX and don't even have a date for 21cn.

The Welsh Assembly pissed away a bunch of cash they had in 2002/3, most of that money went on administration, "consultants" and the loose change went to provide the odd schmo with satellite.

No confidence here I'm afraid.

  • Koppo
  • over 9 years ago

never mind 'next generation'.........a decent first generation service out here in the sticks would be much appreciated, with many folk on dial up speeds .....if any speed at all!!!

  • strayaway
  • over 9 years ago

To add to what John wrote:

90% for 2015 with 25Mbps or faster
100% with 2Mbps minimum

To hit 100% some use of satellite services has to be expected, e.g. remote dwellings

  • andrew
  • thinkbroadband staff
  • over 9 years ago

LOt's of hot air by the assembly, lot's of spin and lot's of money being spent, unfortunatly 90% is wasted on Quango's & local councils and administration.

How many people have got Broadband from the various schemes, A very small number

  • Bob_s2
  • over 9 years ago

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