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VDSL by End of 2002

The Guardians Technology Supplement 'online' carries an article today discussing the future of high speed internet access. Some interesting snippets are that BT expects to be able to offer VDSL by the end of next year - they are looking at offering a service with speeds of upto 14Mbps and in theory could be pushed to 50Mbps

VDSL has a limited range of around 1 mile or less but it's deployment is done by installing mini-DSLAM's in the road side cabinets - apparently BT Exact (BT's research division) states that the VDSL DSLAM's are a simple sealed, waterproof brick. This DSLAM is then linked back to the exchange by fibre optic cables. The fact that it will require fibre to be run to the cabinets is perhaps the one potential hurdle, i.e. BTwholesale will need to assess each cabinet on a commercial basis.


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