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Surrey launches broadband survey with aim of 100% coverage by 2013

Surrey County Council is looking to drive up broadband coverage in it's region by asking it's 84 local councils to take part in a broadband survey of towns, villages and rural areas to help gauge the current speed and quality of broadband in the area. It hopes to devise a picture of the problem and determine where broadband 'not spots' or slow spots exist.

"The internet is already central to our daily work and home lives and everyone should have access to decent broadband. There are still people in Surrey, though, who cannot receive a broadband service or if they can, it is patchy.

Local people know their areas best and parish or town councils can help us ensure we get the broadband infrastructure in place for everyone in Surrey.

The internet is so important, not only in terms of increasing choice and saving money but also for teaching people new skills and uniting communities. With more people working from home in rural areas, faster broadband access is also vital to keep Surrey's economy moving."

Dr Andrew Povey, (Leader) Surrey County Council

The council has pledged through Race Online 2012 to help 10,000 people get online and is aiming to ensure that the council has 100% broadband coverage by 2013.


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