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Say Goodbye to Cease and Provides

BTwholesale have pencilled in a provisional date of 1st quarter 2002 for the launch of a transfer process between ISP's.

Currently the procedure involves a full cease and provide, complete with whatever activation/installation fee the provide involves. Plus this can result in upto a month of downtime depending on how the various people involved co-operate.

The new plan is designed to work by you contacting who you want your new ISP to be, they will send a form to the old ISP, fill it in and the new ISP will then submit this to BTwholesale. There will be a cost involved from BTwholesale but this will be lower than the installation fee, the aim is to reflect the cost of transfer, the other bonus is that if your are keeping the same service e.g. 50:1 BTipstream500 service then no engineer visit will be needed.

It's not clear whether BTwholesale will allow this inside their minimum 12 month term, but even if they do the ISP's can still hold users to a 12 month term plus ISP's may view the additional work in processing the forms as something they need to charge for.

The total aim is to hopefully produce a transfer process with minimal outage to the end-user and if the process works well will encourage people to get ADSL. For people where a house move is involved the situation remains of a cease/provide but BTwholesale say they are reviewing this situation.


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