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Plusnet give customers free upgrade to 20meg broadband

Plusnet will introduce a free speed boost to existing customers by migrating them over to 21CN products which will offer speeds of up-to 20Mbps in areas that have been enabled. Many customers are still connected at speeds of up-to 8Mbps even though exchanges have had upgrades to bring BT's 21st Century Network (21CN) to the area. Plusnet will upgrade 20,000 customers by the end of the month, and sixty percent of all customers should have the opportunity to upgrade within the next 12 months. Customers will be given 14-days notice of the change.

"We have made a significant investment to upgrade our network in order to give our customers a better broadband service.

While an increase in speed can certainly enable consumers, internet users should be reminded that a number of factors can compromise speed including the distance from your telephone exchanges, internal wiring within property and the age of your hardware.

Meanwhile, the quality of users' experience is just as important as speed. Here at Plusnet we also look at factors such as latency which can cause 'jittering' on services such as iPlayer, Skype and Youtube. At Plusnet, we actively prioritise these services to give a better broadband experience as we know it is a key concern for our customers."

Jamie Ford, (Chief Executive Officer) Plusnet

The news comes a day before Ofcom are due to release speed data for broadband providers. With many users still on slower products, this could have no doubt lead to Plusnet users perhaps recording slower than the industry average and the company could be concerned about being shamed by this. They are of course correct in that speeds aren't everything and measuring latency and packet loss can tell a whole other story about the quality of a broadband connection. Users interested in measuring latency can use our free broadband quality monitoring tool to see how well their broadband line performs (note, you need a static IP to use this service).


This service is not available to users outside the UK as it will not accept non-UK post-codes or telephone numbers.

  • pj66300
  • over 10 years ago

As a plusnet customer it is not easy to use the broadband quality monitoring tool, as the IP is dynamic and keeps changing. :-(

  • mbailey
  • over 10 years ago

Plusnet will supply a static IP if you want one

  • greemble
  • over 10 years ago

When my exchange was enabled to 21CN just after Christmas, a quick support ticket to PlusNet and I was upgraded free within 10 days. Excellent service, as I've always had, and a rock steady connection delivering 17MB+ syncing and lightening fast downloads. Anyone who can should ghet on and upgrade now!

  • petejigsaw
  • over 9 years ago

I am sorry to say my experience was not as good, though BT state I should get up to 17, after 3 weeks including a week of no service and 2 weeks at 130kbs an number a calls and messages I gained about 1mbs from 5.5 to 6.5. Just to wqarn people, that if yopu need your connection you may want to think twice.

  • ianrjeffery
  • over 9 years ago

Just a warning too - my exchange went to 21CN and I had no end of a problem with speeds much lower than pre 21CN. My ISP was very supportive indeed (Newnet) and after about 3 weeks BT engineer rang me from exchange and played around with connections until I at least returned to 6 MB. Hope it works for you!

  • wideworld
  • over 9 years ago

I was told before signing up from their tests that I would get 5.6mb on 'upto 8mb' line. They have only managed 1.1mb. Before I was given the free upgrade to 'upto 20mb' them praising high better speeds that I will get, I still get a measly 1.1mb and their current estimate has dropped to 1.5mb. I still don't get that. Plusnet has been wrecked since BT took over not just in service but also customer service. They do not like if things don't go their way.

  • dennisspat
  • over 9 years ago

I am afraid that I agree. I have been with PlusNet for nearly 5 years (before that ADSL4Less and OneTel). Seems the only thing to do is to go to BT or Virgin, where the ISP is also involved with the lines as I understand from a couple people with those companies say they get a better response. Of the 6 people I contacted at PlusNet 3 were very helpful and 3 not. Perhaps if they stop advertising for new customers and go back to looking after the ones they have, things may improve.

  • ianrjeffery
  • over 9 years ago

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