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BTwholesale Introduce Cancellation Charges

BTwholesale from day 1 of the DSL rollout have had the ability to charge for cancelled installations that were cancelled at the last minute, but until now these charges have been ignored. It was accepted that as no SLG existed that BTwholesale would ignore this area of charges but as BTwholesale have now confirmed that the SLG has been submitted for approval to Oftel and will be in effect from 31st December 2001 they are also bringing back into effect cancellation charges on the same day.

The charge is levied against the ISP, therefore if the cancellation is due to the ISP then an end-user shouldnt get billed, but if an end-user cancels then the ISP may pass the charges on - this is why currently some ISP's take the install fee in advance.

The question is how much will it cost, well if Wholesale receive a cancellation 3-5 days before the install date the fee is £45, 2 days or less it is £75 and if on the day of install an additional abortive visit charge of £125 is made (all prices exclude VAT). The abortive visit charge is also levied if the BT engineer cant gain access for the actual install. It is also likely that BT may start charging more often fro the relocation of the master socket at £60+VAT (£71.08 inc VAT)

These charges mean an end to users cancelling installations a day or two prior to the install - though it remains for ISP's to indicate whether all the charges will be passed on and what will happen if a dispute arises between the date an end-user asked for install to be cancelled and the ISP passing this onto BTwholesale.


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