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Audi unveil a car with built-in LTE mobile broadband

Audi and Alcatel-Lucent have demonstrated in-car mobile broadband connectivity using LTE at the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona, bringing a new potential market to the mobile broadband industry. The prototype 'Audi A8 L' has been fitted out with LTE technology that supports both TDD (time division duplexing) and FDD (frequency division duplexing), the two options used in LTE deployments globally. The technology will offer speeds of up to 100meg in-car, far faster than existing 3G technologies or modern DSL connections are capable of.

Potential applications touted by the companies are HD quality video conferencing, video streaming, virtual desktop, and music downloads. A live 'net connection will also be of huge benefit to navigation applications which can use live data to route around any potential traffic issues. Video conferencing between the car and a stand within the MWC exhibit hall was displayed.

Obviously, many of the possibilities (such as video features) that this could bring to in-car users are only really of benefit to passengers due to the potential dangers of distraction. Whilst this is a prototype vehicle at present, Audi will be making LTE an option available in their production vehicles. The UK will not really benefit from this new technology until early 2014 when it is expected that LTE will be able to go live in the UK, but if other car manufacturers follow suit, we could see a whole host of vehicles ready for the UK market by this date, allowing us to get ever more connected.


I don't agree with cars being internet enabled. Apart for satellite navigation and emergency services, it encourages the wrong behavior of a motor vehicle.

  • krazykizza
  • over 9 years ago

So what's wrong with listening to Internet radio stations while mobile, instead of the usual terrestrial drivel.

  • m0aur
  • over 9 years ago

" it encourages the wrong behavior of a motor vehicle " - only if it gets a virus

  • herdwick
  • over 9 years ago

I suppose if you drive the car onto a village green it can act like a digital pump. Apart from that though it seems a rather stupid use of technology.

  • AndrueC
  • over 9 years ago

Could be useful for rigging it to a computer which drives screens in the passenger seats.

  • otester
  • over 9 years ago

Useful for in-car wi-fi for the kids to stream movies etc on long journeys?

  • haydnwalker
  • over 9 years ago

I sense nitpicking.

  • krazykizza
  • over 9 years ago

Why pay Audi prices for this rather than a MiFi or even an Android 2.2 phone's hotspot function (assuming 3G coverage :)).

"use live data to route around any potential traffic issues. "

Trafficmaster YQ did this with pager bandwidth in the 1990s. Then there was a smartphone equivalent (Traffic-i/TrafficTV) - low bandwidth, long before 3G phones were common. Today's Traffic-TV has access to live traffic-CCTV piccies. Via GPRS. On Android, Blackberry, Symbian, WM, and iPhone.

Try harder, Audi.

  • c_j_
  • over 9 years ago

Fat lot of good it would be round here in Oxfordshire where we can't even get 3G.

  • keith969
  • over 9 years ago

you could set the car to upload your photos straight to That Will Buff Out immediately

  • chanmaster
  • over 9 years ago

Am delighted by Zen's success even though am not a customer, simply too expensive.....but my provider is not far behind.

  • 78derngate
  • over 9 years ago

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