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Online Petition for UK Broadband

  • Wednesday, November 28, 2001 11:01 AM
The Register ran a story about Barrie Desmond who is running an online petition that is attempting to get one million signatures by Christmas. is run by Barrie with the aim of breaking BT's strangehold on DSL and leased line services. If he reaches the million names for the petition it will certainly show the depth of feeling over the DSL rollout/LLU/leased line business's - the interesting time will be the response from the people he presents the petition to.

The Register quotes Mr Desmond as saying "High speed broadband services should be like water - a fundamental given right. At this time, the UK's record is scandalous., I feel that whilst broadband access is a great help to business's and home internet users I dont think it is quite on the same scale as ensuring water is available for everyone.

In terms of where the current BT DSL market is, BTopenworld has light showing at the end of the tunnel with regard to Home Gateway upgrades, Nildram has improved and Zen is still down for it's upgrade on 12th December, but even then there are plenty of ISP's who've not got these problems. Rollout wise we are starting to see the first buds of BTwholesales involvement with Regional Development Agencies, i.e. the 10 Welsh ADSL exchange upgrades and other broadband technologies are marching on slowly.


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