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Broadband Forum report 509 million broadband lines worldwide

Broadband numbers are continually on the rise with the global market now reporting over 509 million (508,761,837) subscribers and over 14.3 million lines added in the third quarter of 2010 (to the end of September) alone. The numbers sourced by Point Topic were released by the Broadband Forum yesterday. China and India have seen exceptional growth in the period, reporting their second best ever growth, with developing markets such as India, Russia, Vietnam, Ukraine and the Philippines all growing by over 20% in the last 12 months.

IPTV subscribers are now boosted to 41.9 million worldwide which equates to a 7.3% growth (2.8 million) in the quarter. France are the market leader in this at the moment approaching nearly 10 million subscribers, and Europe hold a 46.33% share worldwide. China are expected to overtake this sometime during 2011. The UK will see an increase in its share next year too with YouView coming live, but this is unlikely to provide much competition to other countries.

"The patterns of growth are shifting as some markets reach saturation and emerging markets show remarkable growth rates over this year. In more and more countries we are seeing more than 80% availability and huge take up of broadband. The Broadband Forum celebrates this major achievement and continues to work towards empowering new applications and developing enhanced deployment and management solutions to support the broadband and IPTV industries."

Robin Mersh, (CEO) Broadband Forum

Technology wise, DSL remains king with 63% of the market share, with the most rapid growth in Asia. Cable (20%) is still ahead of fibre which holds nearly 14% of the market whilst fixed wireless has seen notable growth to 1.35%. With various nations looking at ways to provide ubiquitous broadband, we are likely to see further growth in fixed wireless and satellite based solutions as these are often the most economical way to reach the most rural of areas.


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