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Clackmannanshire to receive county-wide wireless broadband

Clackmannanshire in Scotland is to deploy a wireless network to bring high-speed wireless broadband across the county after the council won a grant of nearly £200,000 to help fund the service. The aim of the service is to help increase broadband speeds and also reach areas which can't currently receive broadband. WiMAX technology will be used to deliver speeds of between 2Mbps and 20Mbps across the county and also into some parts of Stirling. This will therefore meet up with the governments Universal Service Commitment which aims to bring minimum download speeds of 2Mbps across the country by 2015.

"I'm delighted that our bid has been recognised as a strong one and that we've got the funding to take this forward.

Clackmannanshire has a great transport infrastructure that puts it at the centre of Scottish business. Now we can build an electronic infrastructure to match that."

Eddie Carrick, Clackmannanshire Council

The exact reach of the network won't be known until the equipment is deployed but it should cover as a minimum: Tillicoultry, Alva East, Alloa West, Bandeath, Throsk, South Alloa, Cambusbarron and parts of rural south west Stirling.


Always faster, thought that would win, customer service is equally important not that many of the biggest isp's have heard what that is, i for one don't mind paying a premium for it,

  • tommy45
  • over 10 years ago

"The exact reach of the signal will not be known until the equipment is in place" Hmm.

Population 50,000. Who paid the £200k grant ? What's the total cost ?

  • herdwick
  • over 10 years ago

Perhaps this is intended to be a flagship.

Clackmannanshire is a _very small_ county. This does not actually signal much hope for the rest of us.

  • Airidh
  • over 10 years ago

'The exact reach of the network won't be known until the equipment is deployed'

Good design then?!

  • Somerset
  • over 10 years ago

Councillor Carrick, a.k.a. Portfolio Holder for Sustainability, has also said that this service is for the benefit of business since Clackmannanshire being geographically in the centre of Scotland needs "an electronic infrastructure to match".
Thus we can take it that it is not for individual. Being council run we can guess who will benefit.

  • ferjus
  • over 10 years ago

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