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Limited Service Selection (LSS) Pilot

A new date has been announced for the pilot scheme for LLS. It is pencilled in for 10th December 2001.

LSS is the method whereby a user can have logins to multiple BTcentral connections, e.g one login for work and another for personal use or ISP's could use it to provide a backup connection, or perhaps one login for game play and another high bandwidth applications.

ISP's have until the 10th December to register their interest with BTwholesale.

Also on a final note, BTwholesale have confirmed that the Fujitsu USB ADSL modem is due for release into the wild on December 3rd 2001, it will be a dual supply scheme, i.e. both Fujitsu and Alcatel modems will be available, whether the end-user will have a choice we dont know.


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