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Nildram works to ease congestion.

It appears Nildram have been working hard to find a temporary solution to their congestion problems on the current 34Mbps gateway. The Nildram 155Mbps gateway also has a provisional install date of 12th December.

To that point they have 'borrowed' a block of 254 logins from another ISP, with users been given the choice of moving on a first come first served basis. Nildram are asking primarily heavy downloaders to apply to move, with the hope that by moving these people off their own 34Mbps gateway the performance will return back to acceptable levels.

For the full details from Nildram see the post in the forums here.

The users who move will still have a Nildram IP address and access to the existing Nildram infrastructure. This announcement is very different to other ISP's where the moving to an alternate gateway is made very difficult, in fact almost impossible.


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