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Wires-Only Service and Rollout News

Further information on the trials that start on December 3rd 2001 for the Home/Office Wires-only services.

The trial is intended to be a short trial lasting just a month, with a pencilled in live launch date of 15th January 2002, this will be confirmed at a later date. BTwholesale have been running scenarios through the faults/provisioning system to ensure that on 3rd December the trial can go ahead at full speed. The free install during the trial period should certainly stimulate demand.

The issue of ADSL modems is fairly clear, i.e. ISP's have the option of specifying their own hardware or giving the end user freedom of choice. The other piece of hardware is the micro-filter and this appears to be more of a stumbling block - at present there are 6 potential manufacturers for these, but only one meets the necessary standards. Each install will require a microfilter for every telephony device that is used, if a filter isnt used then there is a good chance that the DSL signal may bleed through to the voice frequencies.

We hope to be able to bring you details on ISP's retail pricing and modem options in the next day or two

The rollout is another area that generates lots of questions and BTwholesale have confirmed that they are looking at the possibility of using lower capacity DSLAMs which should be cheaper to install as a method of widening the DSL rollout. No news of any further exchanges to be enabled is available at this time.

One final note, users often ask about their chances of passing the 'woosh' test on the day of their install, BT believe the failure rate on this test is around 2%. So if you pass all the pre-tests and get a confirmed install date the odds are fairly good.


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