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BTwholesale clarify PSTN Policy

BTwholesale have released details of what you can do with your voice (PSTN) line and still retain the ADSL service. The purpose is to clarify the position where users want to do things like change the phone number etc...

For a BTwholesale provided ADSL service to work you are required to keep a valid voice line contract active, in most circumstances if the voice contract is stopped or changes ownership the ADSL service is ceased. In the following situations the ADSL should NOT be ceased
1. User requests a number change.
2. Change of tarriff, e.g. business to customer or vice versa.
3. Where the name on the bill changes in the case of getting married, deed poll, divorce, bereavement or business name change.
4. Where a business customer wishes to change the location of the PSTN/ADSL line in the building.
5. Change of billing address, but the line stays exactly where it was.
6. Where a customer is changing from/to Calls and Access service or changing Calls and Access provider.

This should clear up something of a grey area, there has been queries raised in the forums about changing phone numbers, e.g. to avoid nuisance callers.


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