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Competition ruling sees full LLU prices come down by just 136 pence

The news that BT was to lower the Openreach LLU charges, may have got some thinking perhaps previous price rises may be reversed and pricing drop substantially. The changes are set out in the table below:

Price in 2008/2009 Price for 2009/2010 Price until 14th October 2010 Price until end of March 2011
MPF - Full LLU £81.69 £86.40 £90.46 £89.10
SMPF - Shared LLU £15.60 £15.60 £15.63 £15.04
Prices are all annual and exclude VAT

The price changes are marginal at 11p per month for fully unbundled lines, and 5p a month for shared lines. Though for shared LLU this is a price decrease compared to 2008/9, whereas even with this drop fully unbundled lines are still more expensive now than a few years ago.

While the amounts are minute when dealing with individual lines, where providers have a million or more lines the amounts start to become more significant. So don't expect any change in prices we all pay, though they will go a long way to offset the rise in VAT from 17.5% to 20% due in the New Year.

For those who enjoy reading these documents in full they can find the eleven page PDF on Ofcom's website.


That'll learn 'em.

Or maybe not :-/

  • AndrueC
  • over 10 years ago

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