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Airline opts for high-speed Ka-band satellite broadband

  • Thursday, September 23, 2010 12:58 PM

JetBlue are the latest airline to announce plans to offer in-flight broadband following a deal to be signed with ViaSat this year. The company, operating low cost flights in America, announced that it would install Ka-Band antenna and modems to it's 160 strong Airbus A320 and Embraer 190 aircraft which would allow it to provide fast broadband services to customers.

"This system will be designed for the 21st century, not just for today's personal connectivity needs, but with the bandwidth to expand to meet tomorrow's needs as well."

"In just the three years since we launched BetaBlue, the first commercial aircraft with simple messaging capability, technology has advanced by generations. Rather than invest in current technology, designed to transmit broadcast video and audio, we elected to partner with ViaSat to create broadband functionality worthy of today's interactive personal technology needs."

Dave Barger, (CEO) JetBlue

Previous implementations of similar systems to aircraft have used Ku-band, but using the new Ka-band, speeds of up to 50Mbps can be delivered which will allow customers to stay more connected in flight and continue to use familiar Internet services.


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