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ADSL waits for Santa Claus

The problems that BTopenworld, Nildram and Zen have been having with the home gateway routers been overloaded and underperforming appears to be nearing an end.

BTopenworld have converted and upgraded a couple of their 40 gateways and improved performance is noticeable by users - so now just a case of getting the upgrades rolling across the other gateways. Hopefully the upgrades will include upgrades to their internal network since 40 x 155Mbps gateways is a lot of traffic to be potentially handling. Also with BTopenworld adding 10,000 users a month currently lets hope that new users are been added to the already expanded gateways.

Zen have taken the step of putting new ADSL orders on hold, and have a provisional install date for their new gateway of 12th December 2001.

Nildram are also awaiting confirmation of an install date from BT over the new gateway as well.

The interesting thing will be the differences in how the various ISP's load the new 155Mbps gateways and how they exploit the various options the new router hardware will provide them. Other ISP's have been through this before - Andrews & Arnold put orders on hold for a period and Timewarp had similar problems with were overcome with gateway upgrades.


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