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What do we want? A Service Level Guarantee

Service Level Guarantees (SLG) are something that people feel the lack of has held back the take up of the BTwholesale xDSL services. This should be changing from December 2001 - with the first period covered by the SLG running from 1st Jan 2002 to 31st Jan 2002.

An SLG is all very well but what does it cover - currently just two areas

i. Installation
Wholesale are setting a limit that 90% of installs for an ISP will go ahead by the date originally agreed between user/ISP/BTwholesale. If the 90% success rate isnt met then a 10% refund of the connection charge for each missed install is made to the ISP.

ii. Clearance of faults
Wholesale also aim to clear 80% of faults logged with them within 17 hours of the fault been issued it's reference number. When the target isnt met a 10% refund of the monthly rental is made.

It's important to remember that the compensation payments are between BTwholesale and the ISP, and the various clocks start running once an ISP reports the problem. So whether ISP's pass on the compensation to individual customers is for them to decide. In the case of faults it should also be remembered that if the ISP doesnt report the fault for 2 days then BTwholesales clock wont have been running, i.e. the SLG is only going to work when ISP's try to make it work. The responsibility is very much on the ISP to report the times when the SLG is broke and they have just 20 days from the end of each month to claim the compensation for that month.

To give some ideas of the current speed that things are happening within BTwholesale the average lead time for an installation is 15.38days, this would be lower but as the user is able to provide suggested dates, in some cases these will be beyond the average install lead time. BTwholesale are currently installing 90% of connections by the date requested by the customer. The time to clear faults runs at around 11 hours. In both cases it's only possible for BTwholesale to meet the targets with co-operation from the end-user in regard to access to premises, e.g. if you report a fault but the engineer can't access your premises due to no one been home any chance of compensation is lost.


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