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UK reaches 38.8 million Britons online

Over half of the nearly two million Britons who have come online during the last year are over 50 according to research by the UK Online Measurement Company (UKOM). The number of people online has now reached 38.8 million, up from 36.9 million last year. 31% of this is made up of over-50's and 38% of the 1.9 million new recruits are men.

The 35-49 age group counted for over 25% of the UK's net audience. Women over 50 account for 15% of the UK's net citizens whilst those in the 21-34 range make up only 14% and the younger age group of 12-20 only 12% of the total. What would make up a more interesting statistic is weighting these figures based on percentage of the total population in each age group so a true representation of people can be seen. Obviously if the 35-49 age group is more populous, it would be expected to have a higher percentage than other age groups.

The internet is getting older in more ways than one. Not only is the medium itself maturing but the audience is shifting towards older age groups. There is a still a perception that the net is youth-centric but this is clearly not the reality."

Alex Burmaster, speaking on behalf of UKOM


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