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BTopenworld Publish Satellite Pricing

BTopenworld have announced the prices of their satellite service.

The Single static IP service will cost £69.99 (ex VAT - all prices are in this article) per month and a whopping £649 for the equipment plus £250 for the installation of the hardware. The 5 static IP service which comes with a router rather than just a modem costs £139.99 per month, then £1049 for kit and £250 for the install.

At first it looks reasonably priced for home users in remote locations, but once you factor in the cost of the kit etc, the first months bill will be over £1000 - you do get a free domain with it though.

Lets hope the quality of service is upto the standards expected for that sort of money - the fact the helpdesk is to be manned 9am to 5pm is not a great indicator, what about business's that dont stick to rigid office hours?


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