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On The Buses With Home Highway

The Home Highway (HH) division of BT refuses to give up and has today altered it's website and announced some changes to the configuration of the service.

As of 1st November 2001 the HH box will have a USB socket included in it for direct connection to a PC - this means that essentially the box now includes the ISDN Terminal adapter. The socket arrangement on the front of the box remains identical and all existing hardware will still work - but for new HH subscribers they can save some money by not been forced to buy a Terminal Adapter for their computer. The prices on Home Highway on the BTtogether package are £74.99 for the install and then £26 a month which includes £2.80 of calls, a BT Surf Together (i.e. Surftime) package costs £30/month and has unmetered off peak access.

All new installs come with the appropriate USB cable and a driver CD that is compatible with Win98,ME, 2000, Mac OS9,0, OS9.1 and OS9.2.

This seems a very odd move, just weeks before BTwholesale make the move to allow ISP's and users to provide their own modems, another division of BT is moving in the oppossite direction and providing more hardware for less money to users. Obviously this move will have some effect on the market for ISDN TA's for PC's and Mac's.

My advice to the next chief executive of BTgroup would be to ensure that the company moves in a coherent direction.


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