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O2 bundles home phoneline with broadband

O2 have revealed home phone products today which see the operator move in to the triple-play business. Packages start at £9.50 per month which includes line rental and unlimited evening and weekend phone calls. An Anytime package at £12.50 is also available which gives unlimited calls to UK landline numbers and also includes 0845 and 0870 numbers (although these are subject to fair usage). Both options require customers to also take a broadband service from O2.

"At O2, we've been listening to our customers and we've realised that many of them want great value, an end to hidden costs and the convenience of being able to pay their home phone and broadband bills together. That is exactly what they will get from us now we have launched Home Phone - truly transparent and flexible pricing plans and convenient consolidated billing. O2 is committed to providing the same quality of service with Home Phone that we have established with our broadband over the years."

Sally Cowdry, (Marketing Director) O2

O2's cheapest broadband costs £7.50 if you have an O2 mobile contract. With landline rental and calls bundled in, this increases to £17, a cheap offering and may encourage customers to switch over to O2, boosting their number of broadband customers. BT's cheapest offering 'Talk and Surf' comes in at £26.03 a month, but does give you a 20Mbps connection, but with only 10GB a month usage. TalkTalk's cheapest comes in at £18.48 a month with a 40GB allowance and an up to 24Mbps broadband speed.


packages look good, but I don't like the fact they charge £1.75 for caller display when BT provide it for free. Makes the difference between the prices of the two companies not as great.

  • pobrown
  • over 10 years ago

Unfortunately, as you say, there are telecom providers that charge for caller display. TT used to, until it was pointed out to them, the error of their ways. :-) Obviously, O2 needs an ear bashing as well.

  • The_Engineer
  • over 10 years ago

Not bad for ppl don't use landline too much.

  • rian
  • over 10 years ago

It seems that BT are willing to price match the £9.50 per month deal. If you can't get O2 LLU broadband or home phone in your area like me. Just phone BT tell them that you are thinking leaving and thinking of going to O2. They'll soon cut your line rental by £3 per month. More details below...

  • normsland
  • over 10 years ago

0845/0870 numbers included makes this a decent deal for those of us with expensive telephone banking.But what is their idea of fair usage? For example, it cost me £7 to phone my bank last month, and that for 15 minutes on hold and 5 minutes conversation.

  • Slowking
  • over 10 years ago

I would imagine the fair usage limit is the same as for the "free" international calls, i.e. 600 minutes per month.

  • KamHo
  • over 10 years ago

I read o2's T&C + price list and it shows that o2 is more expensive than BT for anything outside your free call allowance. It's a very good marketing trick by o2 because I have seen ppl go mental for this o2 offer. The poor devils will find out too late that they've been scammed. I am with o2 for BB but will definately stay with BT for my line (I will try for the £9.50 nevertheless :)

  • pet2000
  • over 10 years ago

Yes, it can be very much more expnsive. For me the good news is that they allow indriect access (18185 charge me 1p/min to call my daughter's Hong Kong mobile where O2 would be 36p/min). However, the T&Cs say "We reserve the right to bar calls if ... an unusual amount of activity on your phone line using indirect access." . I have asked O2 to clarify this.

  • Dorcots
  • over 10 years ago

I pay £15.38 for line rental and other services. I've made 4 phone calls since December 1st. Doing the sums (I'm with O2 broadband) I can save about £6 a month, so about £72 a year.

I need to read the small print, but assuming no surprises, I'll give them a go.

  • ghambleton
  • over 10 years ago

O2 Don't tell you that the £7 for broadband only applies to exchanges that have been modified to get the higher speeds. If like me you live in an area that has not had their exchange modified then the charge is £17 per month for broadband for a very slow connection. I am getting speeds under 56k!! So why should I pay more for Less? Remember all that glistens is not gold - Disappointed

  • hamsden
  • over 10 years ago

Update on my earlier post (Indirect Access). O2 say that "You can use the service you currently use..." but will not get support for it (understandably).

  • Dorcots
  • over 10 years ago

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