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T-Mobile tops Broadband Genie mobile tests

A survey by Broadband Genie names T-Mobile as the best mobile broadband service. The Broadband Genie Road Trip 2010 Awards test both the download and upload speeds as well as stability, coverage and rate the bundled software. The tests, which included the six main mobile broadband providers (O2, Orange, 3, T-Mobile, Virgin Mobile and Vodafone) were carried out 'on the move' during a 350 mile rail trip across two days.

T-Mobile achieved top position in half of the categories including top downloader/uploader. Vodafone scores well for stability and software. The overall winner was T-Mobile followed by Virgin.

"Getting mobile broadband to work well on the move presents some real problems for providers, especially in more rural areas, but as we work towards establishing a universal minimum standard for UK broadband, these challenges need to be met.

T-Mobile should be congratulated on the improvements it has made, with some especially noteworthy speed test results of more than 3Mb on the move. However, we hope that by next year's Road Trip the others will have not only reached these speeds, but significantly surpassed them. Most of the ISPs showed no major progress from last year's tests, despite several putting up their 'up to' speed claims."

Chris Marling, Editor, Broadband Genie
Category Winner Runner-up
Downloader T-Mobile Virgin Media
Uploader T-Mobile 3
Most Stable Vodafone Orange
Coverage T-Mobile & Virgin Mobile -
Dongle Software Vodafone T-Mobile
Overall T-Mobile Virgin Mobile
Full results for Broadband Genie tests

Results appear not to indicate a significant improvement over the previous year and are based on speed tests as well as downloading of podcasts, streaming audio and video.


I am confused why they are assessing the performance of Virgin Mobile given they resell T-Mobile's network and have no infrastructure of their own at all involved in providing the service. Hardly a surprise they perform well if T-Mobile do.

  • Dixinormous
  • over 10 years ago

Apparently T-Mobile did perform better.. might be related to dongle for example. Consumers buy from Virgin so might be confused if they weren't features I guess.

  • seb
  • thinkbroadband staff
  • over 10 years ago

Don't 3 And T-Mobile share 3G network infrastructure? I must say I have no problem with T-Mobile's coverage both 2G and 3G its a shame they don't let mobile users use HSDPA though.

  • christopherlyon
  • over 10 years ago

no, not yet i believe it is about october-ish time

  • Locky
  • over 10 years ago

Dongles really are the decider.

My new Zoom dongle (sim free) highest achievement was for 5.4Mb, it also reaches 1.4Mb upload (max for Vodafone network), usual download speeds are 2.5Mb+ on inner-city masts otherwise ~2Mb but both increase in evening.

Apparently error correction eats away at the bandwidth quite a lot (especially download).

In my experience Vodafone is the best as they don't mind you using sims in phone and dongle as long as you dont breach your usage tariff.

  • otester
  • over 10 years ago

My experience of T-Mobile both for calls and net is terrible..... It may be quick as this test eludes but its definately unstable and drops out more than other networks. Where i used to live a heavy downpour of rain and T-Mobile signal would go completely dead. Lets face it winning a mobile broadband test isnt a big deal they are all pretty dire, just some better in certain criteria than others.

  • over 10 years ago

T-mobile works fine for me, and I get HSDPA on my HTC desire as well :)

  • CaptainHulaHoop
  • over 10 years ago

My son has been using T-Mobile broadband for a couple of years now and seems pretty pleased on the whole. He had been using Orange up until then for phone calls and occasional broadband but found them expensive and poor coverage for good signals.

He first started using T-Mobile in Germany while doing his 3rd year work placement for his CompSci degree, and has found that he gets a very good value deal for PAYG broadband with excellent 3G coverage.

  • Mr_Fluffy
  • over 10 years ago

His main gripe is when he travels from Aberystwyth to Bracknell where we live, because CrossCountry Trains kill mobile signals dead and in spite of allegedly messing around with repeaters have not solved this major problem in over 5 years of knowing about it

  • Mr_Fluffy
  • over 10 years ago

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