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WiMAX2 collaboration to include Samsung and Intel

A collaboration between current WiMAX vendors including Intel, Motorola and Samsung will work together under WCI (WiMAX 2 Collaboration Initiative) to accelerate the implementation and interoperability of new WiMAX2 systems, aiding development and time to deployment.

WiMAX2 is designed to meet IMT-Advanced (4G) standards which require delivering 1Gbps access speeds to fixed locations and 100Mbps to fast moving mobile nodes, low latency and capacity for VoIP. WiMAX2 is also designed to be backwards compatible with existing WiMAX equipment which will allow users of the older technology to maintain their existing equipment.

WiMAX has had low take up in the UK with just a few areas currently deployed (Freedom4 have rolled out to Milton Keynes, Warwick and Manchester, with no additional cities added since 2008) and could benefit from chips being bundled within laptops, but manufacturers are unlikely to add these unless there is a large scale network deployment planned which will encourage adoption. Current mobile operators appear to be favouring the LTE route, which, although not a 4G technology, is followed by LTE Advanced which will provide the increased bandwidth required to meet the IMT-Advanced standards. WiMAX2 products are expected to be ready for market by late 2011, but it's unclear as yet whether the UK will take it further than the original WiMAX technology.


Whu is MK so popular for new projects? FTTP, wimax, amongst other things with new investments.

  • chrysalis
  • over 10 years ago

MK is split with many exchanges. I am covered by Woburn Sands exchange and get lee than 1meg. The Wimax never was rolled out across the town even when it was pronised that it would be.
I cannot get mobile broadband either as all the companies that supply it say it is not possible.
So dont be jealous of MK it is a broadband divided town. My area of MK is treated as a rural area is treated with no hope even in the future that it will improve.

  • andylock
  • over 10 years ago

What if the WiMAX group was to create base station systems for embedding in to street lights and then use BT's FTTC network as the WiMAX back hall?
A set up like that could tempt BT in to rolling out a nation wide WiMAX + FTTC network.

  • Raspyyeti
  • over 10 years ago

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