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World Broadband subscriptions reached 467 million in 2009

467 million broadband customers were online at the end of 2009 according to statistics released by Point Topic for the broadband forum. This shows that 58 million broadband lines were added during the year, which it says defies the global economic downturn. The numbers indicate an annual growth of 14.21% in the broadband market.

  2008 Q4 2009 Q4 Yearly Growth Market Share net adds 2009
Asia 153,905,582 183,090,647 18.96% 39.21% 29,185,065
Europe 129,145,899 142,931,560 10.67% 30.61% 13,785,661
Americas 113,500,830 127,177,224 12.05% 27.24% 13,676,394
Middle East / Africa 12,269,412 13,718,675 11.81% 2.94% 1,449,263
Total 408,821,723 466,918,106 14.21% 100% 58,096,383

Regional Broadband Statistics 2009

The numbers show that Europe saw the lowest growth through the year of any of the markets, but there was a clear acceleration of subscriber growth in Q4 - 2.65% vs 2.30% from Q3 2009. IPTV has seen a large take up in France with 8 million of France's 19 million broadband subscribers taking a service (42%).

The UK manages to hold its 6th place in the ranking of number of broadband subscribers, only beaten by China, USA, Japan, Germany and France. Interestingly, in other statistics a report released by In-Stat showed that global broadband numbers at the end of 2009 reached 585 million- quite a difference between the figures released by Point Topic.


I wonder where we stand if we defined broadband as 2mbit upwards only.

  • chrysalis
  • over 10 years ago

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