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BTopenworld About to Blow a Gasket?

From various reports over the last two days it appears that something odd is happening to TCP/IP traffic through BTopenworld Broadband.

Since the port throttling problems users have been monitoring their throughput and have found that during normal home user hours, e.g. 6pm to 1am that the speed sustained on various ports is different again, plus the peak for HTTP traffic is lower than previously. Throughput returns to usual in the 3am to 4am window.

So what is happening, well I dont believe it's the 50:1 contention in the BTwholesale network as this should affect all ports equally, so it points to something in BTopenworld's network. Checks via other ISP's that use the same peering partner suggest it's not the peering network. The levels users get are around 45KB/sec for HTTP and 20-30KB/sec for Peer 2 Peer traffic which is down from the optimal peek of 60KB/sec. Two things are potentially happening either the calculations for load balancing have been done wrong again or the volume of traffic is now exceeding BTopenworld's network size and the network is throttling some applications to ensure other applications get priority. The latter would also go someway to explaining the poor UDP (gaming) performance as of late, which has degraded more than usual in the last month.

Enquires were made of BTopenworld on Monday and I am waiting for any information on the situation.


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