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Oftel looking into price of ADSL installs

The Register are carrying a piece from The Times that Oftel are investigating the current half-price installation offer on the BTipstream 500 range of ADSL products, i.e. the USB range.

It's not quite what one would hope for though, a LLU operator is complaining that by having a price of £75 it is uncompetitive - read lower than what we were going to charge, so we dont want BTwholesale to do that.

If Oftel uphold the complaint then the BTwholesale half-price offer could be withdrawn, but Oftel are normally slow so a good chance a report wont be released until January when the offer is over. The problem is that Bulldog the operator in question might then complain that the wires-only pricing is uncompetitive.

So it seems BTwholesale and their ADSL rollout is stuck in the middle, lower the prices too much and they may be forced to raise them again, but have the price high enough that the competitors are happy means it's expensive for users. The annoying part is that one looks at the Bulldog website and it appears to be a catalogue of complaints about BT, rather than what their LLU product will be, I dont even see any information that they are running trials anywhere.


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