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Wires-Only Trial to Start 3rd December 2001

BTwholesale have set a date for the trial of the wires only service. The trial and it looks like the eventual product are a different service called BTipstream Home and BTipstream Office in 'BT speak', they are identical to the 50:1-USB and 20:1-Ethernet BTipstream services apart from the wires-only characteristics.

As well as been a wires-only trial it is also a self-install product. This means that the user will not see a BT engineer at install time, but either the ISP will mail the modem and micro-filters to the user, or provide the user with a list of compatible products.

The wholesale pricing is as John posted yesterday with £25/month (£29.37 inc VAT) for the Home 50:1 service, and on the 20:1 office range it's £60,£80 & £100 respectively for 0.5, 1 & 2Mbps products. A special note is that the 20:1 0.5Mbps service will be Rate Adaptive on the upstream so should be useable out to around 5.5km. The trial will run for 6 weeks and at present a connection charge of £50 will apply to connections after this date.

We cant give details or pictures of the micro-filters yet, since this requires ISP's to publish their product options. For people on the existing service the question is will we see the price reduction, at present it doesnt look that way - the trials are due to run for 6 weeks so I'd expect we will get more information at that time. For those who want more information the BT Sinet site and SIN document 346 contains the standards details on the micro-filters.


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