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Channel 4 and TalkTalk join Project Canvas

  • Wednesday, December 16, 2009 11:58 AM

Channel 4 and TalkTalk have today announced that they have joined Project Canvas. The now six strong endeavour is a joint venture to collaborate over the development of a standards based broadband enabled set-top box developed in an open environment. The three original partners, BBC, ITV and BT were joined by Five in July this year. Currently the BBC's involvement is under review from the BBC Trust. A decision was originally expected earlier this year, however this has been delayed whilst more information is gathered.

The main aim for the project is to develop a next-generation television service that uses both existing broadcast television and Internet based services to create a more advanced and involved viewing experience, which brings television on-demand to the masses.

"Internet-connectivity is going to have a transformational effect on TV. By seamlessly converging broadband and broadcast content, project canvas can help secure the future of free-to-air broadcasting and create an open platform that gives online services a route to the TV set.

"The potential for innovation goes far beyond bringing video-on-demand to the TV set and there's a huge opportunity for a wide range of new commercial models to thrive. We always wanted all the UK's public service broadcasters and at least two ISPs to be involved in the venture at launch, so we're delighted that Channel 4 and Talk Talk have joined the project.

"Today we're inviting any further expressions of interest from other companies to join the venture. We hope that any other businesses that share a similar vision for internet-connected TV will want to be a part of this story."

Richard Halton, (programme director) Project Canvas

More details about Project Canvas can be found at


Surely we will need to do better than BT Vision QOS?

  • mikeblogs
  • over 11 years ago

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