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Want Next Generation Broadband in the East of England?

Time for all those living in Essex, Suffolk, Norfolk, Cambridgeshire, Bedfordshire and Hertfordshire who are interested in Next Generation Broadband to put their hands up and fill in the web form at

The site is funded by the East of England Development Agency and exists to assess demand for Next Generation Broadband, with the results being made available to providers who want to provide a service in the area. The aim of the site is to identify how much demand there is in the region and use this when chasing for funding from business and the EC for the EEDA to assist the Next Generation roll-out. Maps of where others have put their pin are expected to be appear in 2010.

There is no guarantee that the map will result in fast broadband coming to an area, but with the possibility of a Next Generation Broadband fund via the 50p levy, for an RDA to know where the demand is that has not been met already by commercial roll-out may help to target funds so that more people benefit quicker.


Hopefully this will lead to some faster services coming to the smaller towns/villages witch always seem to get left behind. :(

  • Seansmit17
  • over 11 years ago

Makes sense to guestimate costs of meeting demand and to seek out potential for achieving commercial viability. The landline tax is something of a precarious proposition at this time though.

  • mishminx
  • over 11 years ago

the last time they did this a sub loop unbundler got the job then eventually went

  • herdwick
  • over 11 years ago

We all know that out in the sticks (I'm in Cambridgeshire) the problem is the appalling infrastructure, i.e. the copper wires. Unless that gets addressed first, nothing will speed up. I believe the abbreviation needed is FTTC?

  • nstrudwick
  • over 11 years ago

the funny thing is my dad in cromer has a superb line attenuation of 7db. Me in a large city has 49db.

  • chrysalis
  • over 11 years ago

The problem is that the political map of East Anglia is painted mostly the wrong colour. That's why the present Government hasn't been too bothered about any infrastructure upgrades, be it roads, trains, bridges,you name it! We're even the last to get Digital Terrestrial Broadcasting.

  • Kampala69
  • over 11 years ago

Typical myopic view of the geography of our country. Somebody needs to tell these people that the east of england goes all the way up the right-hand side of England and doesn't stop at the Wash! I live in rural Lincolnshire where we've always referred to ourselves as living in the East of England but it would appear that our region (now the largest county in England) does not show up on a Southerners' map!

  • madreddog
  • over 11 years ago

Lincolnshire appears to be forgotten for lots of things except when they want to ring more money out of us ie the 50p levy. Though we will be paying it we will not see any benefit out of it, unless somebody realises where Lincolnshire is and actually invest in our poor infrastructure. It is not the political colour of the map, both parties have ignored this area.

  • BryanVarnam
  • over 11 years ago

Lincolnshire badly done by?
Cambridgeshire "in the sticks"?
Anyone know where Norfolk is?
Most of the people who supply, or organise, ANYTHING, seem to forget that Norfolk exists!
My Virgin Media "upto 8Mbps" Broadband is currently running at around 80Kbps, and last week went down to 18Kbps!
And still they've the cheek to keep taking money for a crap service! Every time I complain I'm told that it is either my fault or the fault of my laptop! Never, ever, could they even remotely contemplate that they might be at fault!

  • Jayprime
  • over 11 years ago

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