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Well the earlier BTopenworld bans users story develops, it seems the Openworld helpdesk was slightly economical with the facts - no surprise there then.

The banning isnt as such, it's part of BTwholesales move to implemenent Service Selection Barring (SSB) across all ISP's.

The result for end users is that if you are on the wrong gateway or the ISP have given you the wrong gateway in your user name once SSB is turned on you wont be able to logon, also mistakes have occurred in the past where users were locked out even when using the correct details.

The purpose of SSB is so that BTwholesale can ensure the contention level is managed correctly, the switch on for BTopenworld users is not the best timing really. In the future a product called Limited Service Selection is due to be released by BTwholesale allowing ISP's to specify 2 or 3 gateways that a user can use.

SSB has been attempted in the past but on a limited range of ISP's. The point that this introduces a possible further decrease in service for Openworld users still stands.


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